Thursday, November 10, 2005

who am I kidding? I am back to livejournal, see you there!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

sin orden

Somewhere in Amer's (that's my s.o.) hardrive resided this sort of digital scrap book called postabout, that's where I save all images, links, thoughts, quotes, ideas, etc., that I collect with the intention of sharing them with others via peach pear, but, I have no discipline, I am always thinking about five (or more) things at once and that, my dears, makes writting blog entries virtually impossible.

But, I decided to clean up my act and put some order in this mess, I started doing this:


What is this you might ask, well basically I am making mspaint (there has never been a greatest windows application) collages of random stuff I like, those are gonna be kept (along with the respective credit for all images) in a flickr set called i [heart]. That should cover the images part of postabout.
For links, I am gonna do it Camilla style, I'll just add the links at the end of every post.
And for all the rest I guess I am still gonna have to write, so bare with me.

And now go ahead procrastinate:
  • Fabric Glossary.- a most useful resource for beginners and non-native english speakers.
  • Visipix.- a huuuuuuuuuuge fine art and photo collection, they have high-res aaaand the copyright's are free.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

mucho tiempo.

listening: a sun came (sufjan stevens)
feeling: medicated

Long time no post. It's hard when you don't have a computer. Also my bother came up from Massachusetts so I was busy watching movies, going to restaurants, shopping for winter jackets.

This post is gonna be short because, as I said in the previous one, it's crafty not shoppy, and I guess I have a lot less things to say about what I make than about what I like, maybe it is because I am humble, maybe it is because I am empty.

The first pair is made out of antique brass filigree circles and chinese carved turquoise beads. They are long (3") , and I am not sure I like how they look on me. I made 2 pairs of these, I think I am gonna give one to my mom.

The second pair is victorian brass filigree also and a little tassle, I have enough filigrees to make like eight pairs, but maybe I'll just use the squares for something else.

And last, I had bought this vintage brass pendants with the idea of making them into earrings, just attach a hook and go, but they were too heavy, and god knows I am not one to put beauty before comfort so they became necklaces. I think they would make nice christmas presents or something like that.

And know the kitchen awaits me, I am making my moms lentil soup, and maybe pumpkin pie.

Monday, October 10, 2005

...mine is on the 45

listening: party shuffle!
feeling: fiiiine

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

If you can tell me where the title of this post comes from I'll think your are awesome and I'll send you something pretty in the mail. Yes, yes I will.

So I managed to go almost all weekend without buying anything, but then last night, oh last night... I bought more (yes more) jewelry supplies, but it's not so bad, that should provide for almost all of my upcoming gift giving needs. I also lost an auction on the most delightful pair of amber earrings, weren't they cute? But it's all good, more money in my pocket this way.

People can say anything they want about Urban Outfitters, good or bad, but if there's something everybody should agree is that they are "in the know", be it apparel or decor they are always a safe bet when it comes to style that's a bit more on the affordable side. That said, here are my urbn outfitters picks (some I own, some I only wish for):

  • The Anodized Tumbler, my grandma' has a whole set of this type of thing, including the pitcher! They last for-e-ver, and if you hate plastic and have or have had roommates you know why this is such a great find (I still sob when I think of my borken pretty blue glasses).
  • The Blossom Light String, x-mas lights + fake flowers! Need I say more?
  • The Sari Cube, I've become a sucker for anything heavily embroidered, this cube is specially super-awesome because despite having lots of different textures the light pinks make it less visually heavy.
  • The Patchwork Plaid Shower Curtain, I don't think I would ever buy this, I am all about white in the bathroom, but it reminds me of a Marc Jacobs skirt I really like.
  • The Branch Roman Blind, this are nothing particularly clever, I just like the idea of roman blinds made out of fabric with a pattern.
  • The Dark Multistripe Bedroll and other bedrolls, they remind me of some sofas they had at Roche Bobois like 2 years ago, they would make a nice cushion for a bench, or maybe a couple of this on a base as couch?
I also love their Found Furniture section, where I found the green couch up there appropriately called the Heavenly Pinstripe Loveseat, that would make my bedroom look so classy, and now that I think of it I am not sure I want that; but I am sure I also don't want some fugly 80's couch with sliding cushions, and that my friends is the kind of couch I inherited along with my bedroom form a former roommate.

My couch is so ugly I am ashamed of posting a picture of it. Something needs to be done about it, I am considering a slip cover, but I am so indecisive I don't think I could ever choose a fabric for it. Something less dramatic than a slip cover would be to get/make a bunch of pretty pretty cushions to kind of distract attention from the couch itself.

And I was thinking precisely this when it struck me: wouldn't it be neat to have a cushion exchange? I means non-stuffed cushions should be pretty cheap to mail, and that way I wouldn't end up with a cool assortment of cushions, without having to master 1001 cushion making techniques. Is anybody up for this? It would be a lot of fun.

Here's are some pretty cushions for inspiration, also from urbn while we are at it:

The ones on the second line are de mixed media pillows and they remind me of Bittersweet Genevieve's bags.

And that's it for today, I prooooomise next post will be crafty instead of shoppy.

Friday, October 07, 2005


listening: the sound of silence (no, really), simon and garfunkel
feeling: poor

Today it's really murky, I am not turning the light on just out of conviction.
I checked my bank statement, eek, I need moneys, I've become such a consumer lately, argh, I don't even wanna think about it, but I have to, I think a major yard sale is on the way.

So this morning I found that had uploaded the pics of Tsumori Chisato's show in the Paris fashion week, and that should be enough to make anyone happy. My favorites:

The last one looks like it was stolen from some Jesuschrist Superstar production, but the color scheme is still delightful. It kind of reminded me of Jessica Ogden's collection: the shells, the proportions, even the fact that they both went for more subdued colors than their spring/summer collections of last year.

Other happu internet finding was the pictures of the exhibtions in the London Desing Festival at Speacially the [re]desing exhibition, everything was so clever, like this chair by Osian Batyka-Williams that was buitl out of junk. And how about this benc? it looks like all this hands are wating to fondle your buttocks (Monty Python!), cree-pe-y.

Has anybody been doing the wardrobe remix thing? I am, but I mostly feel embarrased about my pictures because I don't dress as nice as I would like, first because I have one of those trouble sizes (too big), and second because I refuse to spend as much money on clothes/accesories as I do on rent.
Anyway the whole thing is kind of driving me crazy to such extent that I ended up going on wild shopping spree at... the mall, ugh! it all started last week when I decided my closet needed some brown cords, so, I headed to the gap, one of the few shoppes that carrys my size and has non judgamental employees, and I got the dammed cords and a few other things because they were having a huge sale, but, as it almost always happens when I tried the pants at home they were not as good a fit as I had tought in the fitting rooms, so next week I went to exchange them, and I did, but I also ended up buying a whole lot more of sutff at old navy and aldo, anyway, most of the stuff (green ill fitting sweater, snake skin flats, lavander sleevless blouse, velvety tote bag, bath robe, etc) has bee now returned, phew! but I did keep some stuff that despite being achats d'impulse I actually did like:

All from old navy: striped pique polo shirt with cute embroidered deer $8.99, striped scoop neck tee $9.99, velvet pointy flats $12, tweed purse $8.12.

And just to make this entry worthwhile here is Pedro:

Monday, October 03, 2005

Sin novedad.

listening: construction
feeling: hungy

I am back. Sooner that I wished for, and that's kinda of shameful, why? well because I am no back to tell storys of my wonderful life, but because I am incapable of human interaction, if it's not this way then there's no comunication, why can't I ever meet people?

I like my layout, it' still needs some sass, but CSS gives me a headache, and makes me throw temper tantrums out of frustration. But how do you like my little pear favicon? pretty huh?

So for Nylon readers I covet this is old news, but still I feel I need to post about it, just because I've been thingking nothing but clothes lately. So why is I covet this awesome? not only do carry stuff that is not available for all of us non-newyorkers in their retail therapy, but they also have this tiny profiles of indy designers like Octopi (oh love!), Cece Chin(she not only desings the cutest shoes, she is too cute herself), and Ashley Tyler (where is her fall collection? can somebody tell me please?), and that's good because we all know how small stuff falls right throguh googles grid, try it, gooogle "octopi" let's see what you get. My I covet this top picks:

Anyway, so I finally decided not to move out, I sitll feel too misanthropic to have to try and please 20 or more prospective landlords, so I guess a bigger lock and an alarm system would have to do it for now. On the downside, I had already started clipping pictures of furniture and collecting paint swatches for my hypotetical new home, and now I am starting to feel decor frustration.

One cool websites I found while looking for ideas is re:modern, you can shop by theme, like
Hybrid, Flexible, Sustainable, Small Spaces, they have some really smart furniture like the Knock-Down Drag-Out series by Christopher Douglas that was basically conceived for people that move around alot, and my favorite the squat furniture modules, they look sooooo practical! but of course this all is just for the idea, because at $395 a pop is why out of student budget. What I can afford, is to make my own, see how simply the are constructed? is just a good 'ol magazine rack and a shelve, so:

And with that I go, I have to go shopping for locks and kitty litter.