Friday, October 07, 2005


listening: the sound of silence (no, really), simon and garfunkel
feeling: poor

Today it's really murky, I am not turning the light on just out of conviction.
I checked my bank statement, eek, I need moneys, I've become such a consumer lately, argh, I don't even wanna think about it, but I have to, I think a major yard sale is on the way.

So this morning I found that had uploaded the pics of Tsumori Chisato's show in the Paris fashion week, and that should be enough to make anyone happy. My favorites:

The last one looks like it was stolen from some Jesuschrist Superstar production, but the color scheme is still delightful. It kind of reminded me of Jessica Ogden's collection: the shells, the proportions, even the fact that they both went for more subdued colors than their spring/summer collections of last year.

Other happu internet finding was the pictures of the exhibtions in the London Desing Festival at Speacially the [re]desing exhibition, everything was so clever, like this chair by Osian Batyka-Williams that was buitl out of junk. And how about this benc? it looks like all this hands are wating to fondle your buttocks (Monty Python!), cree-pe-y.

Has anybody been doing the wardrobe remix thing? I am, but I mostly feel embarrased about my pictures because I don't dress as nice as I would like, first because I have one of those trouble sizes (too big), and second because I refuse to spend as much money on clothes/accesories as I do on rent.
Anyway the whole thing is kind of driving me crazy to such extent that I ended up going on wild shopping spree at... the mall, ugh! it all started last week when I decided my closet needed some brown cords, so, I headed to the gap, one of the few shoppes that carrys my size and has non judgamental employees, and I got the dammed cords and a few other things because they were having a huge sale, but, as it almost always happens when I tried the pants at home they were not as good a fit as I had tought in the fitting rooms, so next week I went to exchange them, and I did, but I also ended up buying a whole lot more of sutff at old navy and aldo, anyway, most of the stuff (green ill fitting sweater, snake skin flats, lavander sleevless blouse, velvety tote bag, bath robe, etc) has bee now returned, phew! but I did keep some stuff that despite being achats d'impulse I actually did like:

All from old navy: striped pique polo shirt with cute embroidered deer $8.99, striped scoop neck tee $9.99, velvet pointy flats $12, tweed purse $8.12.

And just to make this entry worthwhile here is Pedro:


Anonymous melanie said...

Yay - you're back! And Yay for Pedro too because he is such a cutie.

So I understand that you ordered TWO Blythes online? Does this mean you now have three? And does this also mean that we will be getting the Blythe photospreads that Blythe owners seem to be so proud of. Because I need to live vicariously through Blythe owners as I have none of my own.

7/10/05 3:05 PM  
Blogger planeta hilda said...

These dresses are amazing, I love them all (though you are right about the last one, I totally agree)!
Thank you for your comment. I had the chance to met you and will visit often!

7/10/05 5:21 PM  
Anonymous aoi said...

So good to see you back around! I went on an online Old Navy spree the other day. I ordered two of those cuffed sleeve tees, one brown striped and one solid. They look good on my computer screen, but how are they in real life? I couldn't resist the seven dollar price tag, for sure.

7/10/05 6:25 PM  
Blogger Roxana M. Asami said...

tsumori is in the know. I love "her" style. [one of my favorites forever] :) as for wardrobe remix... I like looking at it, but me doesn't participate :/

7/10/05 7:04 PM  

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