Thursday, November 10, 2005

who am I kidding? I am back to livejournal, see you there!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

sin orden

Somewhere in Amer's (that's my s.o.) hardrive resided this sort of digital scrap book called postabout, that's where I save all images, links, thoughts, quotes, ideas, etc., that I collect with the intention of sharing them with others via peach pear, but, I have no discipline, I am always thinking about five (or more) things at once and that, my dears, makes writting blog entries virtually impossible.

But, I decided to clean up my act and put some order in this mess, I started doing this:


What is this you might ask, well basically I am making mspaint (there has never been a greatest windows application) collages of random stuff I like, those are gonna be kept (along with the respective credit for all images) in a flickr set called i [heart]. That should cover the images part of postabout.
For links, I am gonna do it Camilla style, I'll just add the links at the end of every post.
And for all the rest I guess I am still gonna have to write, so bare with me.

And now go ahead procrastinate:
  • Fabric Glossary.- a most useful resource for beginners and non-native english speakers.
  • Visipix.- a huuuuuuuuuuge fine art and photo collection, they have high-res aaaand the copyright's are free.